About Jennifer

"My work has vitality because I have helped, done my part in revealing to others the living world around them..."   Edward Weston

Artist Statement

I am a photographic artist based out of Chapel Hill, NC. I work in both analog and digital platforms. I started out in the purely analog world (at that time just called photography) and was thrown into the digital world immediately after finishing college when I found that everything I learned had just become obsolete. I had to teach myself the digital medium and it has not always been my favorite part of the process. Over the years I have made my peace with the pixels and have come to incorporate the analog with the digital to hopefully make something new. My work has been described as minimalist. I do like to pare things down to get to the essence of my subject, whether it is a still life or a person. I distinguish photography as a mode of communication and photographic art as an expression. I see it as an expression of self and the world the self resides in. The work is about seeing and being seen, especially for the things we would normally pass over. Photographers have long been accused of trying to capture the soul of a subject. I very much hope I succeed.


Check me out here:

Orange County Artists Guild:  https://www.ocagnc.org/

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts:  https://pittsboroarts.org/

The Curated Fridge:  https://www.thecuratedfridge.com/Fridge-Shows-1/Winter-2022

Lenscratch:  http://lenscratch.com/2022/01/the-2021-favorite-photograhph-exibition-part-7/

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